Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's late - so here are some bullets of progress today...

- Edge piece (on public side) cutout of ply and nailed to Ffridd Isaf board

- Newspaper and modroc finished up to new piece

- Filler used for lower slopes in absence of a better way of creating very slightly raised landscape (newspaper+modroc as used elsewhere is too high)

- A small section cut out of modroc and rock glued in.

- More rock strata poured to complement the one successfully poured yesterday

- New emulsion colour tested (lighter as I now find the dark brown may be too dark!)

- Ffridd Isaf roadway prepared for smooth-it application

- New DVD watched (image above - review to feature on this blog soon) and grass technique now finalised - underfelt teased up and trimmed to shape - a Nicky Clarke trimmer purchased from tesco (£14) for this purpose.

- Spent evening cutting out pages from magazines and filing as my bookcase is starting to struggle and I don't really need bits in a mag about Egyptian delta light railways!


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