Friday, May 23, 2008

Some news


A few tit bits regarding the layout:

- The ramp has been measured to scale and a plasticard initial version will be made, so I can decide exactly how to mount it on the layout.

- The culverts near to the station steps were taken out as the levels are just not right and a large hole cut in the baseboard to allow me to sink them lower. I will need to turn the baseboard upside down to nail it down properly.

- The triangular piece and the station/Fridd Isaf hills have been covered with mid brown undercoat.

- A canister of VIM has been sourced (somewhat difficult to find) and this will be used to clean flux deposits from the carriages prior to priming.

- I have been considering trees again (especially how to model Larches accurately). In doing so I came across this website -

- The wiring diagrams are being altered for DCC and some track may yet have to be relaid - the yard headshunt most probably.

- Whilst on holiday I purchased a Beddgelert body kit for my minitrix 2-6-2 chassis and checked with my friend and profilic narrow gauge author Peter Johnson that the loco would have at least made it to Rhyd Ddu at some stage (it was a Bryngwyn engine) and he thought it would have done on bank holiday specials. There is certainly an image of it on a huge train at Dinas destined for the main line! I will find any method I can to justify it, as I really like the engine!




Tom said...

for trees google SiST trees, i used them for Dunbracken and they're pretty good if you don't fancy making all of them.

Colin Lea said...

sure, but their larch is very disappointing:

so other options need considering, although this might well do:

I will be bloging about tree heights soon.