Monday, February 16, 2009

Quick update

Some quick titbits:

- Bogies for the 3 other B wagons have been completed - SAR pattern from worsley works with brass bearings.

- A project to try and kit bash a parkside kit for 37/38 to resemble a Hudson toastrack (39 or 42) has been commenced - the kit gives me the chassis, underframe, roof and ends (although the ends need false planking adding), the sides will be scratchbuilt using the method I've used for 100 (aka the Rob Waller method).

- I've run out of sleeper grime now (more on the way, don't fear) - but one loop road has been finished.

- The trees installed with brown trunks have had grey dry brushed on to tone down the brown (tree trunks ain't brown!).

- I've also tidied up a load of bits to ensure I can get to important details like vac pipes, couplings etc without having to wade through piles of other stuff first.

- The last few details necessary to complete on the WHR funkey, mainly footsteps have been folded up reday for a final assault on this model asap.

- The new WHR 2009 timetable sees just about every move possible at Rhyd Ddu during 2009 - short trains terminating there early in the year, trains passing, single trains running through without passing etc and with a mix of steam and diesel too. Great!


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