Friday, November 13, 2009

Clean me!

I need a decent track cleaner if I want to operate my DCC sound chip at anything like a sensible level of reliability. Choices choices...
From the top we have the tomix cleaner then the roco clean and finally the CMX cleaner.
The Tomix/atlas cleaner uses the track supply (needs a decoder for DCC) to power either a small vacuum, a spinning light burnishing disc or a wet disc with your cleaning solution on it.
see It costs about £45. JdF of County Gate uses this but claims the wet disc is poor.
The Roco clean is pretty simple really - a wagon with a track rubber attached to the bottom by springs. Pull it along and it cleans. About £20 ish. County Gate use this (masked in an L&B bogie van) during exhibitions.

The CMX (about £80) see is a brass container that holds your favourite cleaning solution and a wet cloth pulled along under the wagon. The cloth can be replaced by wet/dry paper too. Passes the white glove test apparently, but us expensive!
So, what do you think I should go for....?

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