Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Further hidden sidings progress

Last night I took apart the hidden sidings baseboards as the only way to access the struts was to take the whole structure apart.  It was also worth doing anyway as the screws holding the board square weren't really long enough so these were replaced too.  I now have the bases ready and will be adding new struts to take the runners soon.  The traversers will be permanently fixed in place.  A method for stopping the traverser moving when in transit will be devised too.

I also trimmed the rail on the ends of the traverser roads to ensure they are flush with the ends and in doing so noticed a few had come loose from the copper clad (probably due to the house move and storage in the garage over winter).  These are now back in my (finally) rearranged office for repair.  I will also use the traverser for a test of the CMX cleaner with the wonderful 'goo gone' stuff.

Good progress over a couple of hours.  It won't be long until the hidden sidings are ready to be erected next to their neighbour boards and the alignments sorted. As the layout is DCC there is no need to worry about wiring across the join between traverser and main line - it's all wired live all of the time.  Thus I will probably use strong magnets on steel flat pieces to align the track at the traverser edge.  This will allow for very fine adjustment, better than the fixed nature of say door bolts.

Will post some pictures to show you what I mean when the boards are finished.

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