Friday, December 03, 2010

Coupling up

I have started the process of reviewing the coupling characteristics of all carriages.

The first set of culprits were the FR saloons where the couplings did not protrude far enough past the end of the body (they were installed like this to get close prototypical coupling, but suffer from problems on the layouts tight curves).

I also now have a functioning test track to test the new mark 2 longer couplings within rakes and avoid the problems seen at times at expong.

The second challenge is to sort out the whr saloon bogie swing - the 3mm plastic axle mount is a great idea but needs some modification as on some carriages there is too much friction causing a lack of rotation for the bogies and consequent derailment problems i have some ideas to solve this and these will also be properly tested before being passed for service.

Other projects aside, the plan is to sort the running issues on carriages and to add extra weight where required by the spring (2011) when work will recommence on extending the baseboards to cure the track alignment at the north end of the platform. I also hope to install a better backscene (with clouds) and new Anita decor trees.

Then the winter (2011) will be spent on Locos. I might even make a start on Lyd (kit in store ready).

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