Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some progress going on

You may have noticed some images of a nearly completed 138 in red livery from expoNG.  Well the red was hastily selected in a murky halfords in the days preceding the exhibition.  It turned out to be way too scarlet and in your face.  We have now selected a better shade via railmatch and this is being applied.  Photos to appear here soon.

In other news, I added small plasticard spacers to the bodies of Harlech and Criccieth Castles, drilled suitable holes, tapped them and added 14BA screws.  After a little playing with pickups they run well.  However one step got broken in the process and I will need to build another somehow…


I have also sourced enough vac pipes and have started the long process of adding these to the ends of all the carriages.  A spot of superglue and attention that all is square and the effect is good. 

On corridor connections, I am talking with Roger Keen regarding close coupling systems and may have something to report soon.  If not, then I do at least want to represent the general look of the end of the carriages, perhaps using a plasticard addition.

009 FR crests are now also available via EDM models, hopefully improving delivery times.

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