Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lady in red…

Well here are the promised pictures of our ‘Lady in red’ aka WHR Beyer-Garratt NGG16 No. 138.

A few pointers to areas that have been changed from the kit to make the loco less SAR more WHR:

- Addition of custom plates courtesy of narrow planet
- Sun visors on side of cab left off, roof opening altered completely to create one larger opening rather than two smaller ones with curved covers
- Addition of extra detail to cab including gauges and all windows glazed
- Completely different arrangement of boiler fittings including safety valves on a small plinth.  There remains some additional small bore pipework to add. 
- Major changes to pipework runs and addition of extra ejector on firebox wrapper
- Steam pipe covers on smokebox sides and D handles
- WHR pattern lights on tank/bunker ends and sand fill level indicators
- Oil tank in bunker with vent, the top of which was made from a wheel bearing!
- Differences in cut outs of bunker/tank bottoms
- Washout plugs added to boiler in correct positions (markits)
- Mudhole door covers added using small LEDs (yes really) poked into holes and painted over – the little domes of the LEDs are the perfect size
- Differences to handrails including bend in driver’s side cab side handle
- Extra tank side rivets created with small wire poked into small holes.  The kit has a SAR pattern rivetted version of the tank/bunker and all those rivets were filed off to represent the welded tanks. 
- Markits wakefield lubricators (heavily modified) added to the running plates (not shown below), vac pipes different pattern to standard SAR.
- Silver boiler bands were applied using 1mm strips of 'bare-metal' wafer thin self adhesive foil.  This is made in the USA and is commonly used by car and truck modellers - 

and the beast has been finished with etching primer, then 2 coats of Railmatch EARLY BR(M) crimson lake, lined in straw (acrylic) using a bowpen and size 0 sable brush, Floquil 'engine black' added to corners and tank backs etc.  Finally, 2 coats of Precision Paints Satin Varnish was applied to boiler/firebox and cab only. Smokebox area painted with Humbrol 'gunmetal' enamel and left unvarnished.

138 in 1 piece 001 138 in 1 piece 002

Garratt 138 Painted 119 Garratt 138 Painted 120Garratt 138 Painted 121 Garratt 138 Painted 123 Garratt 138 Painted 114 Garratt 138 Painted 115 Garratt 138 Painted 116 Garratt 138 Painted 117


Rob Waller said...

That loco looks fantastic! Congratulations to the painter, especially for the bow pen work.

The NGG16's look really good in red.

Colin Lea said...

Thanks rob, yes i'm proper pleased with it. Rather helpful having talented fathers isn't it! Your lyd looks great and getting the full joy valve gear working is a real achievement.

Andy Elms said...

Seconded on the bow pen work. But kudos to you for the detailing.