Friday, July 29, 2011

24–the latest box

Carriage 24 is now a box with a floor, and seats installed.

This is how I add flux and keep it square when soldering – I also sometimes use a square, but this trusty block has built all my carriages.

87 continues a pace too and nears the finish line.  K1 will be attended to next, with better matched motors hopefully meaning it can move to the ‘ready for service’ section soon too.

I’ve also ordered new Alan Gibson wheels for the fifth Garratt (these were loose from their plastic centres when I bought the kit half completed off ebay) and brass rod for the new water tower base construction (replacing the way too flimsy plastic previous attempt).  The 5th Garratt (4th NGG16) was to be NG109 (Pete Waterman’s loco), but I may well find it hard to resist making it into NG143 in green and converting my current black NG143 to NG109 when it appears (it is expected to be outshopped in lined ‘LNWR’ black, so the conversion may not be too difficult).

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