Friday, November 28, 2008

Warley images

Click here for images from Warley - there are too many to upload to this blogger site 5 at a time


Birthday modelling bash

Note: Warley review coming soon...

But before that, I took a day off work today with the express intention of doing a load of modelling.  I invited Dad up to help and we spent a very enjoyable day at the soldering iron. Progress included:

The completion of one of the two Braithwaite tanks - these are Alan Gibson etches, but require very fiddle T and L shaped brass strip to be soldered in between each panel.  I did the top and bottom, Dad did the fiddly sides.  All it needs now is the structure below (bits are in stock) and some detailing on top/the addition of the water pipe.

I have nearly completed the main bodywork of the FR funkey 'Vale of Ffestiniog'.  The roof is not fixed yet and details like horns, wipers, lamps, handrails etc are required, but the basic body is now together.
I have completed the necessary extra strips to sort the side of the doors out on 2043 and 2044 (2045 was done previously).  This was to cover up gaps in the folds which were designed in as part of the original etches.

We also:

- Discussed the addition of a flywheel to Taliesin (I have chosen the smaller 5mm wheel)
- Trialled a 5 thou brass carriage roof, only to favour the 10 thou variety.
- Painted textured paint onto the other layout's higher level to help the ballast areas stick to the MDF base (NOTE never use MDF for baseboards - it's too hard, too shiny and plywood (9mm?) is much better.

Good times.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'O' gosh!

Apologies for the delay in posting - busy times!  First up today is an image of the forgotten loco - Moel Tryfan.  The loco needs some tlc to sort out intermittent shorting problems on the chassis and also requires slidebars (I have them) and connecting rods (I don't have them), other than that, it's complete and looking good. I have the nameplates ready.

But the real subject of this post is............bogies and O rings!  Below are some nine lines bogies (from Lynton and Barnstaple prototypes).  These are terrible and avoid them at all costs.  The sides spring apart way too easily and wheelsets drop out.  I am phasing these out completely.

Alternatives?  Worsley works makes bogies in brass - here are some FR style bogies - just add bearings.  However, apart from the fact you have to paint them (!), the mounting of couplings to them is difficult.  Also included in this bag are some 'artistry in brass' (I think this is Parkside Dundas now) NWNGR bogies with white metal axleboxes - these suffer from the same issue.

Here are the worsley works bogies for the WHR saloons, very nice etchings, but again how do I add my couplings?
Here are the Parkside Dundas bogies for FR stock (that really means carrs 15 to 20 plus 23 and Vans 1/2), but I will use them for a few other similar vehicles too.  Much better for BEMO couplings and easy to put together.

Also from Parkside come these more modern style bogies.  Easy to add BEMOs and pretty close to prototypical too.

A manufacturer I have recently come across is greenmax, their N gauge bogies come in two wheelbases 13 and 16mm and run beautifully.  These are the excellent 13mm ones, if you can make do with the incorrect scale on the side detailing (oh come on who's going to see it!).

and these are the 16mm ones underneath FR buffet carriage 114.  The significance of this is related to the title of this post - 'O'.  

For lo, I have discovered what I think is an excellent way of mounting these bogies onto the etched brass floor of the worsley carriage.  The answer was a purchase from Porthmadog market a few months ago - O rings - the type used for plumbing.  You can get ones that are 2mm thick and about 5-7mm diameter.  Any of these fit perfectly around a 10BA bolt and sit between the bogie and the floor.  The benefit over a bit of plasticard or some other method? - they're springy! So you get a kind of suspension effect too - cool eh??

In other news...
  • Construction started on my Baldwin (590), but has stalled due to a requirement for replacement crankpins from GEM.  The farish chassis doesn't have room for the connecting rod behind the coupling rod, so you have to send off to GEM for new crankpins.
  • The footplate of Vale of Ffestiniog has been constructed and parts for the body prepared.  Nameplates have been sourced.  Chassis choice remains up in the air.
  • An FR coal waggon was completed in white metal, with an etched chassis.
  • On the other layout, the area at the back of the top level has been formed using my preferred method of newspaper balls, masking tape and plaster bandage.  Also the levers for the points have been sourced - this layout will have an AC supply for peco point motors separate to the DCC system, unlike Rhyd Ddu.
  • and finally, digg the digger??? [the joints in the jib actually work, so you can position it as you like]

all jolly good fun!


Monday, November 03, 2008

four four one five

4415, the Kerr Stuart diesel trialled on the WHR/FR, shipped abroad, rescued and to be restored soon...  Tonight I've completed the basic bodywork, with detailing to come and DCC conversion of the chassis half completed - note the white insulating tape.  and yes, I have now bought some black tape!

Other recent progress has included FR modern carriages 112 and 114.

a line up of the last week's work - 112, 114, 119, 16 and two Ashbury Summer cars (11 and 14) for heritage purposes.

A DCC ibertren chassis is in the foreground.

On the layout, I've re-ballasted the edge of the platform, repainted the sleeper grime on the test section and added further scenics such as coarse turf, I'm also planning where trees will be sited.  
On the hidden sidings, I have aligned all the tracks on the traversers properly (which required re-laying two of the sidings) and have planned the wiring - easy in DCC!