Friday, April 20, 2007

A century!

Hi all,

Welcome to a bumper 1ooth post! Wow a hundred posts - cool!

Lots of progress today. Firstly the last pine required was purchased and sawn up. This allowed the 2nd traverser (which has not been robbed (!) - see yesterday's post) to be completed. The frame for the 2nd hidden sidings was screwed together, the ten inch section of 9mm ply nailed down and the 34mm pine 'shelves' screwed in (image below).

Then the garage was cleared out, with loads of rubbish going to the tip whilst other non-railway related items were banished to the shed!

Before the dismantling the boards, the photo below was taken:

The sunken car park sections were nailed in and are now ready for the plasticard surface to be glued on top (which, bizarrely, will have to wait until the layout is erected in its new position tomorrow). The plasticard has already been cut to shape and is ready to go.

'Organised' chaos in the garage now awaits the repositioning of the layout and erection of the new boards ready for drilling and attaching the M10 bolts which will hold them together. With a bit of luck and in the best Japanese car manufacturer's 'Just in Time' system, these should arrive tomorrow.

The last image is of the second hidden sidings board. I ran out of nails so the struts, although cut ready, will have to wait for more nails. I had enough though for one strut to go in and drilled the pilot holes ready for the others.

The final news is a little bit of one step forward and one back... The car had to go to be serviced today, so I went to a different B+Q. They had some very glossy hardboard in stock, much more glossy that the stuff I've used on hidden sidings board 1.

It was £1.44 a sheet!!!! Thus I have decided that the hidden sidings will use this material and the other will have to be stripped out. Also, I won't nail it on as small grooves have already appeared on the surface, but I'll glue it on only.


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