Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Promised photos

A photo gallery of recent progress...

The spines all in place and glued down.

The woodland scenics road kit bought for creating the car park and track up towards Fridd Isaf farm. You stick the 'paving tape' down and spread the 'smooth-it' between the tape, before colouring.

The rock face opposite the platform has been cut out and attached to a block of wood ready for the block to be glued in place tomorrow and then the scenery to be put in place around it.

The first load of newspaper and masking tape was added [it's quite therapeutic actually!]. The section nearest the camera needs packing against the backscene board (6mm ply) and so can't be completed until that is nailed in place.
The 6mm ply for the 3ft and 4ft boards was also cut out today ready, but I may decide to finish the wiring before attaching the boards...

One corner of the 6mm ply had suffered some warping as shown, luckily I was able to get the 4ft by 1ft and 3ft by 1ft pieces out of the board without needing this warped bit. PS The B+Q boards are also not quite 2ft wide and so the two backscene boards are slightly different heights. Ummm, not sure about this B and Q place you know!

However, they can be nailed to the board at a marginally different height and so no-one will notice the difference anyway!


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