Thursday, August 02, 2007

More progress than expected this week, so here's another post

Progress so far this week:

- The few edges of the modroc that were loose, were stapled down using the NETTO nail gun (see previous posts for detail of the amazing bargains available at NETTO)

- The roadway was repositioned (again) to line up with the corner of the triangular infill board, necessary due to the initial marking out of scenics on the Fridd Isaf section.

- Rail painting has continued, evening by evening and is now complete all the way to the first loop point from the Fridd Isaf end and one side of the rails have also been painted for approx half the loop.

- After much discussion and consideration, I decided to just go for it and I cut out and glued angle pieces onto the first spine for the Fridd Isaf 'hill'. Further spines should be added tomorrow.

- I hoovered (well 'Dysoned') the layout and ten mins later created loads more dust to replace that removed by the Dyson!

- I added bogies to the WHR(P) Bro Madog Eisteddfod coach, which is now available for gauging trials.

- The small trial with brown emulsion paint applied directly to modroc was successful and thus I am ready to paint it asap.

- After purchasing two more 6mm ply sheets, I cut out the backscenes for the triangular and Fridd Isaf boards. The edges of two of these were filed down to allow the boards to 'mesh' together and hide the gaps between them. There only remains one last back piece to do on the main layout - the end of the Fridd Isaf board. There are then a few bits for the hidden sidings board, but they can wait.

Photos soon...


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