Thursday, August 30, 2007

Photos of the latest progress

One side of all rails has been painted on the main station board now.

The Fridd Isaf rocks section has gained a backpiece (held on by a clamp whilst it dries) and has started to be populated by newspaper balls.

Following a suggestion in Model Rail magazine, I purchased some 'Florera' from IKEA today. This is grey coloured sand, used for decorative flower arranging etc., which is just the right scale for ballast and is just 99p for 750ml. On the left is the woodland scenics alternative, slightly darker (but negligible really) and £5.75 for 730ml!!! I have cut out a small section of plywood, glued on some cork and tomorrow will nail down a piece of track to it to act as a test piece. Both forms of ballast will be tested and I'll post the results soon....


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