Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Progress update


The digital revolution continues, with the purchase of a sample chip to check space in locos - it is much smaller than I realised and there should be no problem. However, the funkey diesel may be an issue as the N gauge chassis appears to be live throughout the chassis - more thought needed.

After purchasing more solder at Warley, the Pullman is ready for primer....

FR 122 was also completed at a similar time. It is interesting to see the difference in size between the max FR loading gauge (122 above) and the WHR loading gauge of the Pullman below:

Bad photo (sorry) but this is FR 22 (ex NWNG but rebodied). The vents over the doors were a nightmare!

FR 112 was put together without problem:

FR 106 - actually my Brother's - on loan until his layout comes to fruition:

A plastic kit for a Vale of Rheidol bogie coach was kitbashed into WHR No. 24. It is pictured next to the cut-down WHR No. 23 (brass). To kitbash I had to remove the footboards, file down the detail where the footboards were and then cut lines so it looks like the planking continues all the way to the bottom. Finally the footboards were put back on and small strips of plasticard were added to show the bottom of the doors and the slight protrusions that exist on the real thing:

The camera flash unfairly makes this (below) look a mess, but this is just mek-pak and won't show up once painted! This is the WHR(P) brake van - ex Vale of Rheidol. The parkside kit needed some serious bashing too. All side detail was filed off, the rebate for the duckets (not required as have been removed by the WHR(P) were filled with plasticard (the white block) and then half-moon shaped plasticard strip was added to show the new panelling. 4 holes for the new windows were also added in the ends - the WHR(P) really couldn't have altered this van too much more!

At Warley I purchased the 'I' beams and curved hollow section for the water tower gantries. The official drawings show that the Braithwaite tank squares would be 16mm in 4mm scale (4ft!). The Wills kit below is a decent approximation at 18mm and thus I purchased one. It does however require different detail on the squares, but otherwise is pretty good (and easier than scratch building the squares with all those rivets!).

and finally....Dad made a start on a B wagon over Christmas for me - a very fiddly job adding all that L section!

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