Monday, January 07, 2008

Warley review

Better late than never eh! A Warley narrow gauge review:

Firstly some garden railway stuff: K1 in red and a lovely original Welshpool train:

This diorama of a quarry hunslet was on a demo table - weathering was achieved by using t-cut to show the primer underneath and then dirt added too - very nice.

The Tarrant Valley Railway in 009 was pleasant and included this bizarre 'railcar'!

and a nice river bridge...

The rest of the L shaped layout looked like this:

Another 009 offering was this -winter overcotes - not my cup of tea, but interesting to some no doubt.

and I noticed these hidden away in a showcase:

' That Dam Railway' was there ...

and then there was 'Beddgelert' - lovely locos...

But... the rest was a little disappointing, especially the perilously steep-sided Goat cutting and the backscene. Shame I was looking forward to this layout particularly.

Backwoods were showing off the first RTR 7mm NGG16:

and a video:

Trade stands were many and various once again - worth the £7 to park and £9.50 to get in? Probably not, but then the shopping opportunities were second to none I suppose. Still the old problems with there being not enough chairs to sit down and there was a bizarre situation where despite holding a ticket I was not allowed into the loo next to the ticket booth, without first going through a different entrance and fighting my way through the crowds - some job's-worth bloke stopped me and others from doing so - why have a opening in the barrier at that point then? Just plain annoying at the time and not a good experience on first entering the hall really!

anyway, Happy New Year!


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