Sunday, June 08, 2008

200th post!

Hi, This is the 200th post and still going...

Lots going on recently, which has meant little opportunity to blog, sorry.
In the garage (layout land):

The main station board was turned upside down, a hole created for the culverts and a better method of attaching the plywood lower base was achieved using staples from my now infamous netto nail gun - why infamous? Well I've blogged about it being great before - and now it's broke! A staple got caught in it, I scraped it out and now it's bust. Oh dear, shoddy netto tools(!) me thinks.

The vast majority of the scenery has had its base brown colour added and the car park/station transition area now has its ramp (image above - the tape measure is there to hold it in place while the filler sets), steps and the (now lowered) culvert run.
In addition, I have also started sorting the stream bridge on Ffridd Isaf and have started attaching rock pieces (from woodland scenics rock moulds) to the main hillock - more photos soon.
The hidden sidings traverser sides have been bolstered with L shaped pieces glued/nailed to add strength (these came from IKEA's kitchen department!). I have decided that these will have 6 roads as shown (although I'll tack them down straight!).

On the workbench (dining room table):

Due to continued damp weather, work has also continued on carriages. Barns 104, 105, 106 and 107 are all now ready for primer, 104 is actually my brother's kit and was put together by Dad a while ago from a Chris Veitch (CV) kit. Another CV kit I have put together and two others are simple worsley works kits (well I say simple, but the beading has changed on the sides, so quite some time was spent cutting plasticard strip to length and attaching. I could've asked worsley to reissue the kits with the correct beading, but I have quite a list for him to attack already and didn't want to add to that (100, 102, 116, 124, 2010, 2100 [all dependent on sourcing drawings], Braithwaite panels (for the water tanks), DZ wagons, Upnor Castle...)

I have also done work to the Langley kits for FR 14 (ex L+B buffet) and a short bowsider. Both are close to being ready now.

I've also started on my first attempt at a Backwoods loco kit! Well the body at least! I've completed both tanks and the cab and firebox formers as well as cut out and cleaned all the main body parts. Later this week I hope to sort a bit more, but it's softly softly at the moment with it!

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