Friday, June 20, 2008

Hitting the ground running

well, much progress hath been made! A selection of images show the progress better than words, but be aware that flash can do weird things to reality especially when taking pictures of model railways!
The final rocks were added around the layout and after the base of the 3 streams were painted, woodland scenics realistic water was added - it won't stay blue once its dry! I'm also experimenting now with WS 'water effects' to get the running water effect on the main stream.

The rough track has been finished as a base, with just the effect of some grassy bits etc to add.

Hairy carpet underlay is gradually being applied all over the layout - note the stream here too, with temporary block to avoid the guu spilling off the end. The clipper (for the hairy underlay once dry), hairspray and puffer grass bottle are also visible. In the foreground a slate path has been gradually built up. I'm worried about this as it is too dark, but maybe it just needs time to dry??

The first attempt at colouring grass and adding some static puffer grass is on the triangle piece - stinks of thinners!
The flash doesn't do this justice, but the rocks are starting to be coloured up - note the comedy land rover!
Mixing paints - one baby food bottle has LNER Doncaster green with 1:24 parts thinners and the other has the same but with 3 parts Donnie green, 1 part matt trainer yellow. This was suggested by Barry Norman. It doesn't make a lot of difference, but does at least add some subtle tonal effects too.
My spray painting table is ready - with lazy Susan from IKEA. Dad and I both bought a dust free drying pod from the garden centre - a seedling propagator with variable venting. I have however managed to cover mine in talcum powder - another casualty of the mistake with the roadway.
and talking of roadways, it's now much better thanks to emulsion herringbone colour from crown.
a close up of the stream area - the 'bridge' in the background needs more work, but is gradually coming together. The next piece is to add the 3 piece culvert at the base once the stream is dry.
So overall, I'm quite pleased! Great fun this scenics job! Next I need to give the carpet underlay a good trim.
PS My brother got a 2:1 today (MEng Civil Engineering) - clever clever! Now maybe he can help with that bridge.....

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Tom said...

Glad to see the scenery proper starting now Colin! I used the woodland scenics water bits and bobs on my layout Dunbracken. They're very good, but i found it best to colour the water effects after adding it rather than mixing in a pigment. Once it's dry give it a brush over with realistic water to make it as shiny as the other areas and job done.

Look forward to seeing how you get on with it!