Monday, July 07, 2008

Norfolk break

On a break from the recent pattern of holidays to North Wales, we spent a week in Norfolk and visited a few places (railways) of interest:

First up is the Wells and Walsingham Railway (10 1/4 inch gauge and apparently the longest such railway in the world). Using my usual scoring system this scored 39%, placing it slightly better than the Amerton Railway but not quite as good as the Corris. The railway suffers from a small loco stud, terrible facilities and a terminus at Walsingham some distance from the village and indeed the car park. The Garratt was nice though! Below is also a moderate attempt at a Leek and Manifold carriage...

At Bressingham we had a great day out with 3 railways operating. Two miniatures and a 2 foot line too. All set is gorgeous gardens - fantastic. Overall it scored 51%, let down only by the lack of intermediate attractors, views etc that such a self contained site brings.

In the museum area I found this 16mm model of NWNGRlys brake No.1 or 2. Very nice.
Now the North Norfolk railway isn't narrow gauge, so it doesn't get a score, but we had a great time, the engine and stock was very well turned out and the stations were immaculate. The below view wasn't bad either.

But back to smaller things - the Bure Valley, which scores a superb 65%, up there with the Bala Lake! It sports super facilities and a great selection of engines. It does lose points however for the trip, which is ok, but not greatly inspiring and the consequent lack of intermediate attractions/views means it drops points.


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