Thursday, July 10, 2008

watching paint dry

Some good progress to report since I've returned from holidays. 4 different colours of woodland scenics static grass has been added beneath the rocks, and talus dropped on too. The image below also shows my hair clipper - used for trimming the carpet felt. 95% of the bits I want to model with long grass are now felted and trimmed. The other side of the stream has been coloured and water added, plus the retaining wall completed (if it sticks at the second attempt!).

Knicker ripping rock has been added (local legend apparently) and you can see the carpet felt, plus the new plywood edge to this board too below.

Further along the layout, miles of carpet felt is visible.

and further attempts are being made at Larch modelling... using woodland scenics tree kits, I cut out most of the branches, leaving just single branches (they were split into threes) at intervals, then cut to pieces off a ridiculous model of a larch bought at the World's greatest model shop (more on that tomorrow).

Tonight I have literally been watching paint dry (assisted by a hairdryer) whilst I sprayed these white metal trees, first with grey cellulose primer and I then added brown and a hint of green with spray enamels from B+Q (see below).

Then I'm going to glue on the larch branches I removed.... more soon.


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