Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday modelling bash

Note: Warley review coming soon...

But before that, I took a day off work today with the express intention of doing a load of modelling.  I invited Dad up to help and we spent a very enjoyable day at the soldering iron. Progress included:

The completion of one of the two Braithwaite tanks - these are Alan Gibson etches, but require very fiddle T and L shaped brass strip to be soldered in between each panel.  I did the top and bottom, Dad did the fiddly sides.  All it needs now is the structure below (bits are in stock) and some detailing on top/the addition of the water pipe.

I have nearly completed the main bodywork of the FR funkey 'Vale of Ffestiniog'.  The roof is not fixed yet and details like horns, wipers, lamps, handrails etc are required, but the basic body is now together.
I have completed the necessary extra strips to sort the side of the doors out on 2043 and 2044 (2045 was done previously).  This was to cover up gaps in the folds which were designed in as part of the original etches.

We also:

- Discussed the addition of a flywheel to Taliesin (I have chosen the smaller 5mm wheel)
- Trialled a 5 thou brass carriage roof, only to favour the 10 thou variety.
- Painted textured paint onto the other layout's higher level to help the ballast areas stick to the MDF base (NOTE never use MDF for baseboards - it's too hard, too shiny and plywood (9mm?) is much better.

Good times.


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