Monday, November 03, 2008

four four one five

4415, the Kerr Stuart diesel trialled on the WHR/FR, shipped abroad, rescued and to be restored soon...  Tonight I've completed the basic bodywork, with detailing to come and DCC conversion of the chassis half completed - note the white insulating tape.  and yes, I have now bought some black tape!

Other recent progress has included FR modern carriages 112 and 114.

a line up of the last week's work - 112, 114, 119, 16 and two Ashbury Summer cars (11 and 14) for heritage purposes.

A DCC ibertren chassis is in the foreground.

On the layout, I've re-ballasted the edge of the platform, repainted the sleeper grime on the test section and added further scenics such as coarse turf, I'm also planning where trees will be sited.  
On the hidden sidings, I have aligned all the tracks on the traversers properly (which required re-laying two of the sidings) and have planned the wiring - easy in DCC!


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