Saturday, December 20, 2008

tower of strength?

Tonight I have test assembled the more difficult (Beddgelert end) water tower. This has been modelled directly from the WHRCL plans and so is to scale. It consists of a girder section framework to hold the tanks and 4 circular hollow section pillars (well I have actually lined them with strong wire to add strength). This structure is more concerning as the Waunfawr end version has 6 pillars (why you ask - well trains run underneath this one!).

Below is a photo - I'm pleased to say that even in this state (base not affixed to the ground, no extra strapping for the sides etc) it holds the weight of the brass tank. However it is flimsy enough to concern and I may now swap this tank to the Waunfawr end tower and build the second tank with a plasticard top to reduce the weight a bit.


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