Friday, January 09, 2009

250 not out


This is my 250th post on this blog (wow!). However recent progress has been hampered by very cold weather, christmas and colds etc.

However, 4 more trees have been planted on the layout and whilst on horticultural issues, I have been playing with some lovely busch plastic flowers which will adorn the flower beds on the station platform and around the steps from the car park. Below is a shot of the constituent parts of the busch kit:

I have also some good news on the carriage roof front. Metalsmith Ltd have quoted me for pre-cut long strips of brass. A survey of the carriages found that only 4 widths are required ranging from 25 to 28mm. The brass will be provided at the correct width, just requiring me to cut (with tin snips) to create the right length on a carriage by carriage basis. I need over 5m of brass though! This will save a massive amount of cutting, which without a guillotine would have been a 'score to cut' method (which is very easy to mess up if the steel rule slips even just a little and takes ages too). Happy days.

The latest edition of Model Rail features a good article (although please note that the back to back measurement for 009 should be 7.3mm not 9mm) from Darren Sherwood-Jones on the construction of his Backwoods NGG16 Beyer-Garratt. I have been in contact with him and he is planning a WHR layout too. Maybe he'll start a blog? If you're a member of the rmweb forum (simple registration if not) then some more details are here

Certain carriages remain a problem, particularly FR 100/102/124 and WHR 2010/2100. Potentially 2090 could come out of the works (where it is at the mo) looking different, but luckily I spotted this issue and haven't done much on the current kit anyway. I am preparing to draw my own drawings of these as various FR sources have shown that no official final 'as built' drawings exist.

Anyway, Happy New Year (quite an eventful year I suspect what with the opening of the WHR to Beddgelert at Easter and then Porthmadog in July, plus I expect to become a father once again in March!).



Zabdiel said...


I look forward to seeing the flowers assembled. I assume you've seen the news about the RTR Double Fairlie.

Colin Lea said...

yes, but have decided to wait and see how they reply to my email of last week first - it's just a picture of DLG - the real model could be any Fairlie! Hope of course it's the FR type though - cool!

stephen said...

Congratulations Colin, sounds like you do have a busy year lined up! Hoping to introduce my one child (so far) to the WHR in the summer.