Monday, May 11, 2009


Some scenic progress ...the ballast deliveries at Rhyd Ddu tend to pile up behind the water tower, so 'new' ballast has been added there in a pile.

two flower beds have been built from plasticard and populated with rocks and grasses.

this shot shows the two beds.

On the carriage front, fresh off the bench are...the mess car 1000. This is built from an improved worsley kit. The first one (an inferior kit anyway) was recently scrapped by myself as it was the first kit I ever soldered together and it showed!

The two WHR saloons which retain the old style beading are 2042 and 2090, plastic strip was cut and glued on to represent the vents, which are not etched or provided for in the kit.

118 was finished, seats installed and now also has the roof soldered on and domed ends formed with filler.

26 was completed and 22's ride height altered to make sure they look right next to each other.

and, from a new worsley kit, here is 101, the FR obs used (along with 113) on the WHR for the last few years and which has been extensively used with two semi-opens on the crew training runs this year.


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