Saturday, July 18, 2009

lay out the layout

I have decided to take each board upstairs for the following work:

- to complete outstanding scenics such as grass patches, fencing, station area details etc
- to improve the area around the board edges
- to complete wiring where it needs to be done (mainly the points decoder installation)
- to de-gum the points anc chekrails and reinstall (if necessary) the point motors
- to remove stray ballast from the railhead and spot reballast where gaps are found
- to apply a second coat of sleeper grime to the alignment
- to test the electrics
- etc

Moving each board upstairs will ensure I can get very good light and also makes it a bit more social than spending hours in the garage!

The first board has been taken upstairs, spot reballasted, board edges improved and tested. Tomorrow it will have its sleeper grime painted on and the bridge handrails will be attached. It will then go into store (i.e. back to the garage) as a complete board (save for the backscene, which will be a winter photoshop panarama job).


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