Thursday, July 23, 2009

NGG16 loco policy

So, I have three NGG16s:

- 1 - is complete in SAR black livery, but with all the SAR details that the WHR locos lack (sun visor, cab roof details etc), and riveted tank/bunker.
- 2 - is mostly complete as a WHR engine with smooth sided tank/bunker and is modelled on 138. Work is stopped on this until the real 138 reappears so we can check details such as pipe runs etc (and colour! - although it is expected not to be green, perhaps red?)
- 3 - is a kit that arrived yesterday.

The actual WHR stud is as follows:

- 87, which sports a shorter cab (no window at the back) and riveted tank/bunker amongst other details. Currently in light aircraft grey, but expected to go black in the next few years.
- 143, in SAR black livery but expected to be withdrawn next year for overhaul. Expected to stay black as it is the last steam loco built by Beyer-Peacock. Flat sided tank/bunker.
- 138, currently in bits under overhaul, expected to return in 2010 in a new livery. Flat sided tank/bunker.
- 109, recently purchased from Exmoor by Pete Waterman and expected to run on the WHR in 2011 in LNWR lined black. Flat sided tank/bunker as shown here and images on the July 6th story here

So, what's the plan?

-1- to gain new flat sided tanks/bunker from the new kit -3- to make it into 143. Cab details to be amended and repainted. Plates to be painted blue, smokebox colour to be toned down from the current silver.
-2- to be completed as currently once details known of the prototype following overhaul
-3- to gain riveted tanks from -1- and be built as No. 87 with shorter cab etc. Outshopped in grey.

So, if we assume that 138 comes back red, we then have black, grey and red engines. A lined LNWR black No. 109 can come next year once these three are up and running.

The target is to have these 3, plus K1 (marching forward apace and ready to be transferred to the valve gear workshop in Cheltenham asap), Russell (practically complete already), Merddin Emrys (even closer to completion) and the two funkeys (Vale of Ffestiniog and Castell Caernarfon) ready for Autumn 2010. Other engines that will likely make that deadline are:

- Criccieth Castle and Harlech Castle as the new 08 shunter chassis with outside frames is a joy to run.
- Taliesin as this kit is 70% done.
- Blanche (complete already)
- Beddgelert (needs detailing)

A push to get ready (in priority order):

- Conway Castle (new doors needed plus a way of attaching the bullant to the body)
- Upnor Castle (kit to be purchased in the next few weeks, thus behind in the list)
- Baldwin 590 - in need of lots of detailing and work to improve reliability of front pony truck. etc
- Moel Tryfan - needs rods.
- Lyd, Dad's kit and no work started.
- Prince, I'm not happy with the ibertren chassis, so will probably swap for the mercian kit
- 4415 Kerr Stuart diesel, again not happy with chassis.
- Palmerston - no kit yet, buy another mercian?
- Lyd2 'Eryri' - no chassis yet and likely to be very expensive as an 0-6-0 + jackshaft, custom bullant seems best way, but not a priority at all.
- Gowrie - don't have a kit or chassis yet.

No plans at present:

- Other double fairlies especially DLG - await roco (although a recent story in the 009 news states roco have cancelled the project!)
- Linda - await new parkside chassis with outside frames launch
- Britomart/Lilla/smaller FR diesels - too small for DCC
- Dick Kerr diesel WW1 - very ugly indeed.



David Gander said...

Hi Colin

Confirmation from Roco to my original information (supplied via a well known 009 retailer) is that the Double Fairlie is right at the back of the back burner. There was insufficient interest from UK retailers to commit to the project.

I guess that might mean that it may see the light of day at some point but not at the moment. This came via the Roco UK Agent to whom Roco usually address all UK enquiries.



009 Soc TLO

Colin Lea said...

Thanks David, a real shame as it is a good opportunity to get new blood into the hobby - an iconic RTR prototype. maybe they should start a 'sign up for a double fairlie' preorder website! Then they might get a real idea for volumes. Colin