Monday, June 13, 2011


Below is the culmination of many painting sessions (30 mins at once) with the Romanian ballast wagon made for me by Boston Largs Works (Rob Waller).  It took so long as I didn't have time to devote more than 30 mins at a session and also because there are so many surfaces to paint!  Also red really doesn't cover well so that took a few coats too.  However I have enjoyed painting it as it is kind of therapeutic.

This is where I'm up to - body painted, initial weathering applied but with rusty lower level highlights to come.   A simple plastikard insert to hold a ballast load is ready for its ballast to be glued on and the tie down cleats also need adding once the yellow paint on them is dry - holes are drilled ready.

Then all it needs are some transfers!  Bogies are done and wait for final varnishing before I reattach them. 

I expect tomorrow to be able to paint the track on the new extension piece after cleaning any stray ballast off the rail faces.

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