Friday, June 24, 2011

Semi industrial processes restart

Today I took a day off work to kickstart a few areas of the project.

8 carriages (vans 4/5, 104, 106, 112, 116, 122, 124) were cleaned, primed and once dry (with the help
of the hairdryer that melts Baldwins) ivory was added for the windows and black for the underframes.

That means they are now ready for seats to be painted, people added and Han painting of roofs, ends etc.

Harlech and criccieth castles had a few tidying up jobs completed and then too were primed.

Brass was rolled for the roofs of 2043, 100 and 102 (plus 24 to come soon). This used the patented newspapers, mousemat and tube method.

The situation with Locos was appraised and a priority list created. 87 is next for attention.

The new green 143 was studied (especially the new bunker!). As was my part built kit for 109. Perhaps that should be built as a green 143 and my black 143 altered to 109 in time? In considering the one nearly complete power bogie for 109 (built by another, bought from eBay) 4 wheels were seen to be loose (caused by heat when soldering flycranks on I suspect). So the first job is to remove rods and the cranks to assess the wheels for either reuse with the new plastic bearings we have or to source new wheels.

Finally we proved that the new motor bought for k1 is a far better match than the one previously installed in the front tank. The two motors are now much closer matched which should go a long way to explain the running problems.

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