Sunday, July 29, 2007

Water issues, painting track and loco policy


Due to the flooding and the consequent loss of tap water for Cheltenham and the surrounding area, Mum/Dad/David took refuge at our house for the weekend. Dad brought a selection of very small painting brushes with him as I had been struggling with a 0 size brush to paint the rails. I now have a 00 and a load of other sizes too - cool! During the weekend, whilst David and I were taking a load of garden waste to the tip, Dad managed to paint the rails on the whole of the Fridd Isaf section (both sides too!). One board done then! Images tomorrow probably.

That was really the sum total of progress this week, but another issue came up in conversation, what will be the loco policy?

So, it will be as follows:

Tranche 1 (in use for the majority of the time): Modern day WHR core stock - NGG16s, K1, Russell, Funkey and any other stock used regularly on the railway (probably NG15s, Lyd and 590 in the future therefore).

Tranche 2 (from time to time amongst tranche 1 stock showing through running from FR ):
'Local' visiting locos - Taliesin, Double Fairlies, Englands, Mountaineer, Blanche, Linda, FR diesels etc

Tranche 3 (rarely and probably only when amongst friends):
Historical locos of the NWNGR/WHR non extant - Moel Tryfan/Snowdon Ranger, Beddgelert, Gowrie etc

Tranche 4 (never at exhibitions, but sometimes at home for fun):
Non FR/WHR/NWNGR engines e.g. other L+B (not Lyd), Talyllyn, Leek & Manifold etc.

Tranche 5 (almost never ever, other than for testing): Continental or freelance.

I have by no means got kits for all of these, but this is the basic policy.


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