Monday, October 29, 2007

Fill-er up!


The garage has been remodelled and the three main station boards have been swung round to face into the garage to allow the other side of the rails to be painted (now half done) and to allow the construction of the car park area. Following the move further work was done to the rockface alongside the platform, the ground at the far left and the roadway section between the car park and level crossing was installed. Further filler was added to the ground to smooth out rough parts and create a prototypical look. In fact I've used so much filler that another large tub was purchased - it's great stuff!

The Ffridd Isaf board has been dismantled for now, after the 3rd and (final?) attempt at the slate tipping area was completed and looks far more realistic now. An overall view is below...

Pine trees were constructed using the woodland scenics tree kit - one of the below was purchased as a ready-made tree - can you guess which one [answer at bottom of page]

Three WHR heritage wagons/vans have been constructed from parkside kits...


PS the ready-made tree is on the far right.

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stephen said...

Funnily enough I've started using our dresser for rolling stock storage as well. Certainly beats the shed in winter months!