Tuesday, December 18, 2007

and on, and on and ariston

Quick update:

- DCC research is going strong - looks like it's a goer...more soon (looks like dynamis pro has the edge at the moment due to the wireless controller system, extra function buttons, consisting ability and controls). A good site I have found is www.wiringfordcc.com to explain how wiring is different between DC and DCC - the good news is that most of what has been done already would have been required anyway - phew!

- Soldering of carriages has seen obs mess car 1000 improved (this wasmy first ever soldering project - it shows!), the WHR(C) Pullman body was finished, FR 26 body was finished (yes all the 14 fiddly window vents too!) and FR 111 (driving trailer) chassis was finished.

- The WHR ex SAR brake is also coming on - but the addition of 0.7mm L shaped angle is almost impossible with a standard soldering iron, so I will have to bow to Dad's resistance soldering kit. (He has done one side very nicely already, but then we ran out of angle)

- I have also taken the time to watch some modelling DVDs - woodland scenics and painting/lining being this week's essential viewing.

There may be a chance for more modelling over Xmas, but then I know that I will most likely receive a number of rather interesting books too...so modelling may just lose out (temporarily that is).

Happy Xmas one and all!


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