Friday, April 11, 2008

Hold your wagon! (well, waggons!)

Good progress to report, including:

- Curly roofed van now complete (save for handrails) and on bogies, now ready for spraying.

- 2 WHR saloons (2040 and 2041) with the new beading style were started and as of tonight I have completed the floor, steps, underfloor cabinets, bogies and sides. Tomorrow I hope to complete these 2 by soldering the ends to the sides and adding the buffer beams. Happy days!

- A Parkside plastic Quarryman's coach was 'mekked' together as were 2 rodney stenning Talyllyn 3 bar slate wagons, 1 of which was converted to FR style. 2 more of these (converted to look like wooden FR slate waggons) were 'won' on ebay and are pictured along with an image of the real life waggon, which is where I got the conversion idea from. Finally I also completed another Hudson steel bogie - a LOcoal in FR parlance:
- Further tidying of the garage ready for works to commence and the purchase of ballast - I have finally decided to mix woodland scenics grey (gray) medium with the fine and get the best of both worlds.

- Worsley now have a Lyd2 kit available - might have to get the cheque book out!


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