Monday, December 01, 2008

Bull Ant


I've been worrying for a while about the performance of ibertren chassis on Rhyd Ddu. I just don't think they're up to the job - huge flanges (that can be turned down in a lathe - but I don't have one!) and hard (but not impossible) to convert to DCC.  The only locos in the stud that use this chassis style are: Blanche (already built and painted and I'm loathed to fiddle!) and Conway Castle.  

That's why it's going to be time to replace the ibertren put aside for Conway with this baby.

It comes with a 31:1 reduction gearbox and nice little mashima can and a flywheel - it's all good.  The wheelbase is perfect (well 0.5mm too long!) and the wheels are much larger than the ibertren, making it more like the real thing too.

Dad has one of these for his 3mm DMU and it performs mega, so bring it on!



Tom said...

On Fairlight works have you seen the FR 'Lady' being fitted with a Bullant chassis?

AER said...

Any news on the Backwoods production line?

I've been following your progress on Tal; did you use the roofing lead that the instructions suggest to add weight to the tanks? If so how much?

Colin Lea said...

not yet as I need space for the decoder in at least one of the tanks and wouldn't want to make the loco lop sided either. I'm not convinced she will need too much extra weight though either. Cheers colin