Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ummm, cheeky

Noted from expong, by my online friend fairlight works:

Available soon from Parkside for the princely sum of £125 (source: parkside dundas) - an RTR chassis with outside frames(!) and an amended body kit to go with it. nice! I expect you can get 10% with a 009 membership.

But then you can get a backwoods kit of the same (not an RTR chassis though) for £79!

Choices, choices.


stephen said...

I think if you consider how much it would cost to have the Backwoods chassis (or kit) built for you it starts to look like better value. I would like to be able to buy a chassis on its own to go with an old kit - I know they have modified the new one but I'm sure it could be made to fit.

AER said...

The backwoods kit is now £95, which might make the decision easier!

I've built one of these kits (I hijacked this thread part way down: and have another (as the Ricket) part way through.

The Dundas model won't have the detail of the BM model but at least you get a chassis out of the box, the BM model is tough and time-consuming but very rewarding, like the most of their kits really!

If time and chassis building confidence is an issue then I'd definitely go for the Dundas model.