Monday, April 11, 2011


On my recent visit to site (aka Rhyd Ddu station), I inspected the changes that had been written but not really shown in pictures on the various WHR websites.

There has been a major change to the ‘bus turning area’ as shown below:

Firstly though the tamper shed is gone (!) and a new tarmac path has been created out of the NP car park…


This leads to a newly tarmaced bus lay-by…


and a newly erected shelter is prominent…


the path continues up towards the water tower and through a small gate…


and then across a new foot crossing and onto the platform.


This is a MAJOR change. 

Here a shot of Rhyd Ddu for comparison – you can see the white van parked on what was rough ground… This would need a new tarmac surafce, kerbs, the extra foot crossing, more gates, the shelter etc. adding and of course I’d have to leave the tamper shed out too.


Thus it has been decided to freeze the layout at 2010.  Now I might bend this somewhat to allow for other locos and stock to appear (e.g. the other NGG16 kit I have in stock) but this is generally the rule – 2010 it is. 

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Steve said...

Definitely a good idea to freeze it! The tamper shed adds a lot of interest.