Thursday, October 13, 2011

Model rail surprise

Today I picked up model rail magazine (nov issue) as for once it had some narrow gauge content. In fact I haven't bought a modelling mag for a while now. Well there's quite a few innovations that have appeared. Highlights are:

- The new noch laser cut plant range which looks great
- The hex frog juicer is gonna save loads of wiring! For DCC layouts it automatically switches the frog polarities for you without the need for accessory switches. Well cool.
- gjhplant who have a safe non acid flux for soldering without the fumes. Might be worth a try.
- A thought provoking article about building a portable all in one 'command station' and test track
- I noticed that a company called foresight LED do some useful magnifying glasses which have LED lighting too.
- A great article about the 16mm Fen End Pit (ng)
- and useful tips on brush painting and fillers

Must buy it more often!

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Zabdiel said...

And George Dent is building a narrow gauge train so I expect they'll be more NG in future.