Friday, March 02, 2007

The best narrow gauge layout and the one that started it all!

Yes, this is the layout that gave me the inspiration to start building Rhyd Ddu. Of course, it's 'Dduallt'...

So, what makes this layout special:

- The prototype, which lends itself to a fairly compact, but long run that is actually based on reality! It's not another crazy 'round and round and in and out' layout, that is too often seen in 009!

- The stock - quality, liveries and sheer amount modelled! Everything from the core Ffestiniog fleet to Adrain Shooter's Darjeeling stock, the modern and heritage WHR stuff and beyond...

- Decent scenics, believable ballast, trees and grass particularly.

- Gradients, hidden bits behind trees and many different viewing angles make for an interesting exhibition layout

- Quality of running - top class!

Any criticisms? Well, that's very hard because it really is good. I'm not completely convinced by the lining on Taliesin and perhaps some of the rock faces (modelled with actual rock), look a bit too much like small pieces of rock, but that is real nit-picking.

If Rhyd Ddu is anywhere near as good as this, I will be a very happy man. Lots of work ahead then!

The creators of Dduallt are hard at work on their next project too... a model of the new WHR at Beddgelert, including the reverse curves at cwm cloch and the goat tunnel. It's a huge layout and plans were recently outlined in 'narrow gauge world' . It will be called 'Bron Hebog', rather than 'Beddgelert', perhaps to reflect that the station is a relatively small element of the layout.

You never know, we might even get the chance to exhibit next to each other in the future, and we have already joked that a 'joining' section could be created to link Bron Hebog to Rhyd Ddu !!!


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