Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Some good progress on the coaching front today. I have decided to do bits of lots of kits together in a kind of production line style. So, the bases/ends of the following coaches were folded and soldered ready: 103 (FR bogie), 23 (original WHR bogie), FR van 4 and FR van 5. All the sides and ends have also been cut out and cleaned ready for the next stage... Parts for 1 B wagon and the SAR brake were also cut out and cleaned.

Must remember to order a load of bearings soon!!!

Then the parts for the Ashbury bug (no. 10) were cut out of the frets, cleaned and folded. This needs superglue for the next stage. If anyone has a recommended superglue - please leave a comment at the bottom of this blog.

Then one side of 103 was laminated together, unfortunately the other side seems to have an issue with the etch - it doesn't overlay properly! Some judicious filing is necessary here...

Had to run upstairs to bid on two books on ebay - FR in the 50s and FR in the 60s, both middleton press - got them for £3.20 total + p+p!!!!! Unbelievable - they are normally £15 each. cool.


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