Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sorry it's a bit late...number eight!

So, No. 8 in the top 10 layouts is.... Chwarel Cwm Bach.

This is a bit of a difficult layout to describe as I have never seen it (!). It featuired in Model Railway Journal in 1990 (no. 37) and in the 'narrow gauge and industrial railway modelling review' as well.

It's a model of a slate quarry, with working inclines and everything scratchbuilt...plus...tonnes of real slate used - bet it's heavy!

I can't find any images of it on the web, so dig out that MRJ!



stephen said...

I remember (faintly!) seeing Chwarel Cwm Bach at that old show that used to be at Westminster Central Halls. This probably around the early 90s.

Anyway, it was incredibly impressive especially since I think it was all built to 8mm gauge. Do you know if it still exists?

Colin Lea said...

No idea unfortunately, I assume he has moved on to other projects, but hopefully it still exists somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it ended up in a skip. No body wanted it I'm afraid. Some of the 8mm stock is now with the OO9 Heritage collection.

Colin Lea said...

Disaster! I'd have had it! Colin