Friday, February 08, 2008

The anatomy of a scratch-aid carriage (and no they're not coaches!)

Or how to finish a scratch-aid carriage in many easy steps:-

Start with the Worsley Works sides, ends (and sometimes bogies too)

Add nine lines plastic bogies (they come with wheels) or add decent metal wheels if using worsley bogies and bearings

Add 10ba nuts/bolts to hold the floor down and attach the bogies, using spacers to get the ride height right

add bemo couplings, attached to the bogies to allow them to swing and thus take tighter curves without locking and derailing the carriages

add interior detail on a plasticard mock floor using proprietary 4mm seats

initial paint spray of body and interior separately in halfords primer first, then the relevant colour.

Add detailed painting on panelling/lining- add door handles from Roxey mouldings or even lace pins filed down

add glazing

add roof (I'm going to ask a resin moulder if he can do me a load of these) and hand paint said roof

add vac pipes

add people inside and any extra detail like lighting or drinks on tables etc (or is that going too far!).

and that's that...Colin

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