Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shepton Mallet review

Shepton Mallet 2008:

16mm - ooooh lovely!

Hayesden - very nice snow effects, the lady operator said never again(!) yes you can cover up mistakes and dodgy bits with the snow but you still have to put most of the work into what is later hidden anyway!

Threlkeld quarry - love the backscene and frontscene effect (look carefully), the excavator worked (see video below) by a kind of pull string method (like puppets and not motorised!). Extremely nicely done and weathered - and by a young man too!

Charmouth - fabulous layou, cracking colours, top running and gorgeous stock too - simply stunning!

and an innovative method for attaching the sector plate...

Russell on the live steam layout...

and an attempt at modelling 143, not quite right (coal fired for one!), but good enough.

Then there was the bizarre : PBSSR loco (electric traction for a precursor of the WHR) and the Eclipse (a steam loco converted to electric overhead running at Llechwedd) on the Mercian stand

And Bramble Bottom - well what can you say - really cool!

and finally some live steam action:



stephen said...

That 16mm stuff is looking increasingly dangerous. Must put my wallet away.

I've got to do a PBSSR electric layout one day!

Chris Perkins said...

Thanks for the kind words about Threlkeld!