Monday, February 04, 2008

Stir crazy!

Why are so many models that come up for purchase second-hand so badly painted? I reckon there are a few common mistakes:

- Forgot/didn't bother to clean the model before painting, meaning grease and flux deposits affect the paint

- Didn't mix the paint well enough giving lumps

- Didn't use thinners and applied the paint straight on causing too thick a layer and loss of detail

- Overpainting of previous liveries with a new colour, again causing a reduction in detail and an overscale look.

- Using too big a brush

- Being too enthusiastic with spraying - quick mists are better

I hope to avoid these, but I also avoid such models as undoing bad paintwork can be a pretty big job too. Shepton Mallet show next weekend will show up again how bad secondhand can be...


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zabdiel said...

Can brush painting stock give good results in OO9? I'm going to get to the point of having to paint some trucks and a coach soon and I'm worried I'll end up with a dodgy paint job!