Monday, March 10, 2008

Photo review of Narrow Gauge North in Leeds

I'd never been to Narrow Gauge North before so this was an eye-opener. The venue was easy to find, although the roads approaching have speed cameras about every 100 yards - beware!

The venue was a school and it worked pretty well although the halls were quite a way apart and it was easy to miss something if you didn't use the map provided. Food was good but seating area too small I suspect (we were lucky).

Traders were good - parkside, worsley, andrew neale books, 009 sales stand, 7mm sales stand, blackham transfers etc

I purchased a load of bogies and wheels for all these cars I've been soldering together recently and also picked up a few more carriages to go onto the work bench (I've already cut them from the frets last night). The new additions include 104 and 105, which will need some extra beading adding, and bug box No. 1 (zoo car).

So what about the models then? First up we have the Holdsworth collection - superb here is a Baldwin gas mechanical:

A WW1 Baldwin - 590 anyone?

A superb L&B coach
Sand Hutton the latest model from Peter Kazer (he wrote the wild swan narrow gauge modelling book): beautifully modelled track, buildings and rolling stock, but it was let down in my view by some odd coloured greens in the background with a kind of sponge effect - see photo below. The greens were just too blue for me. Also the whole layout was draped in green curtains (even the top and sides) and a lady we met at the lunch tables said she thought it looked like something you'd find at a crematorium!

Here's a cheeky Russell with VERY bright colours on Avyn a Lyin

16mm Blanche:

Then we got round to looking at the best layout there by a country mile: Dinas - Blaenau in 7mm scale DCC (Lenz) and even sporting smoke units (seuthe)!

This beautiful double engine (Taliesin) was built by Frank Sharp and was lent to the layout for the day:

The incline:

Little Giant under construction:

An assortment in the hidden sidings, 7mm waggons a De Winton and a 4mm scale James Spooner (converted to 8mm gauge with sound on board and smoke!).

An England shunts a slate train:

Some of the beautiful stock:


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