Saturday, March 01, 2008


Progress over the last few weeks has included:

- Cutting out from the etched frets 10 carriages, all of which were then tidied up, the floors and associated chassis detail assembled and 10BA nuts soldered over the relevant holes to attach floor to carriage. This has then created a backlog of carriages ready for assembly into their 'box' shape, then ready for painting.

- Those that have now been completed up to 'box' level are, FR/WHR No. 23:

FR Observation car no. 111

FR Car No 117
FR Car No. 119
To follow soon are the three new WHR 13m long saloons, Romanian car 2060 and an assortment of heritage vehicles such as the turtle roofed van, bowsider 19, 2 vans (ex cars 11/12)...
and I'm running out of solder again!

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