Thursday, April 24, 2008

Derby show review

Not much narrow gauge at this show, so I'll start there... This is my mate Martyn's fine collection of locos - note the FR/WHR Kerr Stuart 4415 in grey and the Turtles - nice!

and a 009 layout in a pizza box - that's style!

Burcroft Colliery - DCC in OO gauge modern image. They used NCE Power cabs.

Moorton Bottom Yard by Paul Windle. I've commented on this before - it's fantastic apart from the bridge to nowhere coming at you on the left hand side below. It just looks odd to me.

Loughborough Midland - cracking station building, but blue platform faces - blue??

An N gauge layout in a suitcase - cracking stuff.

I was looking for some Larches (Like you do) - some bloke tried to sell me this, but it's just not a Larch mate.
ZTC decoders - how small can they get?

Port Foxdale (Isle of Man railways) - very nice if somewhat packed in!

Sea moss trees (see through!) - I must have a go at some of these for a few strategic locations.

Red Rocks railroad - what a layout 10/10!

Some extremely clean ballast - they must clean it in between trains you know! This is Yarborough, great stock, nice layout but come on lads, just a little weathering on the ballast would help immensely.

The traders were pretty good, venue was central but thus expensive to park and get in. Can't comment on the food as we took our own (wells Greggs).

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