Thursday, April 24, 2008

More progress

Some progress on the actual layout:

The corner piece has been finished off with some overlapping modroc to give a good edge.

My ballast choice has been decided - woodland scenics grey, but a home mix of small and medium particles (more small than medium). A test piece was completed below:

Milliput was used to fill the gaps on my recent white metal Conway Castle kit. That is seriously weird stuff - two parts that you mix together into a putty - way weird!

A 2+1 seating section was made up and will now be posted to a resin moulder to create the internal seats for my FR/WHR cars.

My Lyd2 kit 'Eryri' is coming along nicely:

I finished off the random base in the far corner of the layout and painted it with acrylic burnt umber. The rising ground behind has yet to be finished.

I wasn't happy with some previous 'modrocing', so that came up and new was laid. Also I started to model the area between track and car park by adding 2 culverts and creating a 'mound' with polyfilla. No photo unfortunately, but will post again when I've done more of it.

The 3 WHR saloons are now placed on the track ready for the weekend test train.

It's coming together.


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Lez Watson (WHRS) said...

Yes, the layout is coming along nicely. It nows looks quite a bit ike the place I visited (in the rain!) earlier this month.

I hope you'll be ready for opening when Phase Four is!