Thursday, April 24, 2008

Testing, testing


Well I said in October 08 that this winter I wanted to move ahead with carriages and by the Spring I wanted to at least have a short test train to check clearances etc. As you will have seen in the images I have posted, not only have I soldered together a number of WHR(C) cars, but also 2 FR sets have taken shape and so has heritage WHR and WHR(P) cars.

I'm a bit short of brake vehicles, but Worsley are working on that once we can get the drawings of 100/102 etc and I'll need to wait to see what alterations are made to 2090 after it goes into the works for the addition of a loo and other changes. I wouldn't bet against them altering the beading for example!

But none of these have couplings... you'll have seen a post a while ago where some Lilliput bogies had bemos attached, but I'd been struggling for washers to set the ride heights. That was until last week when I won this box (below) on ebay: 99p for 25,000 8BA washers - yes 25,000!

Using these I have been able to get a test train ready - the 3 largest cars I will operate 2043/4/5 are now ready for some testing as is the SAR brake (the tallest vehicle I reckon).

That occasion (the first test train on the layout) will wait until the weekend though when Mum and Dad are here to see it! The first train to move on the layout must be a Beyer-Garratt and so it will be, but I also expect Blanche and others to have a go too. Should be fun.

On the DCC front, I have solved the potential issue with graham farish chassis I had. Again via ebay the below kit allows you to isolate the motor from the pickups - cool.

Another post is imminent on DCC systems as I have changed my mind (again)....

In the Cheltenham works (Dad's workbench) Merddin Emrys takes shape: more on this soon...



stephen said...

25,000! You should re-sell some, 100 for £1 or so would earn you a few more Worsley coaches :)

Colin Lea said...

do you want some?

stephen said...

Not specifically but they might come in handy ;)