Friday, August 21, 2009

Identical but not the same

Part of the long term grand plan is a 16mm narrow gauge garden railway. Dad has bought the Slater's Prince kit and we have a few waggons already. This last week I have found time to construct a pair of NWNGR single plank bolster waggons. These were used for wood extraction by the PBSSR and I hope to find a suitable piece of branch to balance on them. What's interesting is that one was ordered from cooper craft direct and the other bought on ebay (still sealed in the original bag). The right hand one is clearly a different colour, came with ballast weights and axle washers and was altogether much more poorly cast. weird.

On Rhyd Ddu, things progress well. More smaller conifers have been added, the two water tower frames have been sprayed black and installed, much more weathering of the ballast has been done (even though the flash in the below shots doesn't show that up!) and both sets of rail upstands for the nameboards have been installed. A tree has been replaced on the grassy side and the next job is fencing...


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