Tuesday, August 25, 2009

on a roll!

A recent trip to Oswaldtwistle Mills was rather productive indeed. In a corner of one of the old mill buildings were a load of fabric rolls. There were plenty of different types of fabric and colours...including a lovely navy blue. ummm I thought, this could be good for the layout's curtain to hide all the unmentionables that need to be stored under the layout during exhibitions. A quick bit of maths and I'd worked out I needed about 30 feet of the stuff. Good news, the roll I was looking at was 32 feet long by 5 feet high (enough for a hem and then some). Then I saw the price - £9.50!!!!

Readers will not be surprised to hear that said roll was duly loaded into the car and brought back to the Midlands!

Mum has been recruited to do the necessary sewing, I just need to get hold of 20 feet of sew-on velcro now!

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